Traffic Domination Review -Real or Scam?

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Traffic Domination Review -Real or Scam?

After getting tired of reading conflicting reviews on Traffic Domination. l decided to take it for a test drive. This is because l am tired of ‘affiliates’ who bash other make money online programs only to selfishly promote theirs. While this MAY work in the short term, it paints a bad picture of the whole industry.

In this Traffic Domination Review or rather, case study, l will share with you my experience. So far, l have written a Wealthy Affiliate Review, sharing my experience after plus 3+ years as an affiliate. My review of Midjobs, a program that l joined after they promised to PAY ME for watch YouTube Videos. BUT made a U-turns and started requesting me to PAY THEM to watch the videos.

l will, therefore, share with you what happens behind-the-scenes. The inside scoop. Whether it is true that you will get the so-called ”100 Solo Ads Clicks”. l will also share (with screenshots) how responsive the traffic is. Above ALL, if it converted into sales.

For starters, Solo Ads are traffic to any of your affiliate offer purchased from marketers with huge email lists in various niches. The email list owner will promote your offer to their list and count the number of clicks. Whether the clicks convert into sales, it depends on your offer.

As usual, l will assess the program based on the following on a scale of 1 to 10:

Training – Is it easy to follow. Organization. Is it comprehensive?

Tools – What marketing tools are available to achieve the goal of the training. Accessibility. Ease of use. Are they useful?

Support – how responsive is the support. How long it takes to answer a simple question or address challenges.

How quick can you make money – This depends on individual effort. l will give an estimated time according to my experience.

Potential to make life-changing income – Is it scalable. Can you make it your only source of income?

Cost – value for money. Is it worth the effort?

NB: The assessment is solely based on my experience and evaluation of the program. My goal is for you to assess if the program is good for you before wasting your valuable time.

Let’s get started…

What Is Traffic Domination – Review.

Wayne Crowe Solo Ads

The program was created by Wayne Crowe, a solo ads expert. He works with a team which provides maintains the system running efficiently in the background. lt is not clear who the team members are, but l have identified a few who provide support inside the Facebook group.

When and how the company was formed is not clear, but l have heard the name for a couple of years. Wayne is an experienced Solo Ads seller and can provide up to thousands of clicks at once.

How it works;

The focus of TD is to provide free training on how to build email lists. How to promote offers to people to one’s email list. That is; converting subscribers to customers. Remember the adage; the money is in the list.

It is about sending traffic (Solo Ads) to a Squeeze Page (Optin page) – Collecting emails into an Auto Responder – Sending Emails – Monetization (Promoting affiliate products).

Traffic domination promises a complete ecosystem that provides Free Affiliate Marketing Training. Guaranteed traffic in the form of Solo Ads. A highly responsive Facebook Support group. A click and drag TD Page Builder to create highly converting squeeze pages. Email templates to send to subscribers. To cap it all, it is easy to join affiliate marketing program with Biz Op opportunities. Only the autoresponder to deliver e-mails is provided by a third party.

Too good to be true. Let’s find out. l joined TD on 03 June 2020.

Joining the program is very easy. Just join the Traffic Domination Facebook Group, introduce yourself…. if you want to. If you are extroverted like me, watch the get started sticky video at the top of the FB group page. Alternatively, click on the ‘Unit’ Tab and get started with free training.

This Program is NOT for you if;

  • You think making money quick means a program is a scam (It takes less 7 days).
  • You are not a fan of Solo Ads – you want to toil for months to get traffic and rely on the mercies of Uncle Google.
  • Making money quick is synonymous with making money without lifting a finger.
  • Skeptical that there is nothing for FREE online – there is a catch mentality.
  • Allergic to investing a few dollars into your business.

Is Traffic Domination Worth It?

One Lead System Pixel

The taste is in the pudding. Let’s find out what it offers. While l am still to complete my case study, so far this is what l have discovered.


  • It is international or global (there are no country restrictions as long as you have a Facebook Account).
  • No special skills such as copywriting, coding or website creation required (Understand basic English).
  • It’s a complete ecosystem with traffic source (Solo Ads), landing pages, and an affiliate program with products to promote.
  • Clean and easy to navigate the affiliate marketing dashboard.
  • Squeeze pages integrate with many popular autoresponders such as Mail Chimp, Aweber, and the recommended Getresponse.
  • Various payment options including Paypal, Pioneer, Check (Cheque), and others upon request.
  • You can invite Traffic Domination founder, Wayne Crowe to do a Facebook live video on your FB group page.
  • You can win prizes if you are the highest earner.
  • Earning your first $ is relatively easy and quick. (Less than 7 days if you are an ACTION tacker).
  • 100 Free Solo Ad clicks to get you started valued at 80 USD.
  • Active Facebook group for support.
  • 20 – 50% Affiliate commissions depending on the products you are promoting.
  • Weekly payments – beginners are paid after 2 weeks and later every 7 days (Amazon pays you after 60 days).
  • Smart link rotator which intelligently displays top converting offers to subscribers.
  • Weekly webinars keep affiliates updated.
  • Low payout thresh-hold – once you earn $100+ you can withdraw your money after 14 days (Beginners) or 7 days (Experienced).

This Is What Can Be Improved Apon.


  • The training is difficult to locate inside the Facebook Group if you are getting started.
  • Attending training inside Facebook can be really a challenge with all the distractions (Not all the training is inside FB though).
  • The pop-up Facebook support banner can be annoying when watching training inside the TD Academy.
  • The British accent used in videos can be difficult to comprehend especially if English is your second language like me.
  • Although you can send the TD team support tickets, it is mainly inside the FB group which can be present challenges to introverts.
  • While email marketing is still working, open rates have significantly decreased over the years.
  • The Click Funnels platform used to house the training and tools can be glitchy.
  • Too many platforms to log in – you will need to create a password for; TD Training, TD One Lead System Pixel, TD Pages, TD Network, and for your Auto-responder account.

Affiliate Marketing Tools.

  • Free Training – both on and off Facebook, it is 100% free.
  • Email swipes – you just copy and paste into your email autoresponder.
  • Videos – different Videos to market various products.
  • Facebook posts – content to use when promoting affiliate products or services.
  • Banners – this can be used for FB posts or for Advertising.
  • Pre-recorded Webinars – ALL live training videos are automatically saved and can be watched at any time.
  • Template Squeeze Pages – there are more than 10 options of high converting templates.

The Training In Sequence.

How To Make Money With Free Solo Ads

1. How it all works – introductory video giving an overview of how the system works.

2. 100 Free Clicks – Wayne promises 100 Solo Ad clicks. This sounded to be too good to be true. Solo Ads vendors sell clicks for between $70 to $100 for 100 clicks. l started wondering if there was no CATCH.

2. Requirements to get started – How to use the squeeze page builder, link autoresponder to the pages, load supplied emails, and get ready for free clicks.

3. Create a squeeze page – Step by step walkthrough video of how to create opt-in pages. You can just choose one of the tried and tested pages.

Tip: If your dashboard is slightly different from the one in the video, click on Support – Create – Templates.

4. Set up auto-responder – Create an account with the recommended auto-responder and link it to the squeeze page. Overview of how autoresponders work.

5. Grab Your Email Swipes -Ready-made templates. Just paste the text, add your affiliate link, and click send. You may need to edit the emails if you are using them to promote a different affiliate program.

Pro Tip: Syncing the API or code that connects the squeeze page and email autoresponder can be tricky. Open two tabs or play the training on a different screen. Stop video until you complete each task.

6. Traffic Domination Affiliate Network – How to sign up for the network populated with Biz Op opportunities for beginners. The application takes 24 hours to be APPROVED.

7. Set up your system – How to bring everything together before requesting for your 100 free clicks.

8. Buy Solo Ads – If you want to hit the ground running you can purchase your first Solo Ads and get started. You can alternatively wait for the 100 free clicks o be delivered.

9. How To Earn Affiliate Commissions – How you can refer Solo Ad buyers to TD and earn commissions.

How to Make Money With Traffic Domination.

Below is a screenshot from a testimonial inside TD’s Facebook page. She was surprised when she earned commission from the 100 free Solo Ads sent to her affiliate link. It is one way of making money with TD.

Traffic Domination Success Stories

  • Promote any affiliate programs of your choice using Solo Ads and earn commissions.
  • Earn money when you refer people to TD to purchase Solo Ads.
  • Refer people to TD squeeze page builder and earn money if they upgrade their membership.
  • Work your butt off and become the top earner to win the periodic Legend price.
  • Create an email list, send helpful content to subscribers and promote affiliate products.

Is Traffic Domination Legit, A Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

After going through the entire training and l made $69 with the system. It works. The money was paid into my Paypal account after the stipulated 14 days. If a program honors what it promises, it is definitely legit. There are many scams out there that promise click button profits and never deliver. Others will not pay you your commissions and they lock you out if you complain.

Although some affiliate inside TD Network can earn 2 tier commissions, it is far from being a pyramid scheme. It also promotes various real products, training, and services. Affiliates do not earn money solely from money paid by new members since it is free to join. Which is typical of Pyramid Schemes.

Rounding it up, Traffic Domination is a legit program that delivers on its promises. The training is 100% free and the promised 100 Solo Ads are real. Above all, it is one of the quickest ways to earn your quickest dollar online.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where can l find Traffic Domination training?

Where to find scam free solo ads

Join the Facebook group. Visit the ‘Units Tab’ and go through all the videos. Take MASSIVE action.

How can l receive my payment from Traffic Domination?

You can be paid via Paypal, Wire, or Direct deposit and other platforms are upon request?

What are the contact details for TD?

Support is mainly from inside the Facebook group. However, there are support email details for each platform.

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