ls midjobs a scam or legit?

Is Midjobs Scam or Legit?

ls Midjobs A Scam or Legit Program?

Have you have been invited to join Midjobs? Now you are wondering if Midjobs is a scam or a legit way to make money online by watching videos. You made the right decision by searching for reviews for Midjobs before joining. In this article l will share what you need to know before you take the plunge.

l joined the program and this is my take.

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Midjobs Website Is Down or Was It Closed?

midjobs website down closed

Just for interest sake l visited Midjobs website to check on my earnings and whether my account is still functional. l was shocked to realize that Midjobs has been closed and the website down. It is now littered with Google Adsense adverts.

l hope the website is temporarily down otherwise lots of people will have lost their hard-earned cash after upgrading their membership. It is also my share hope that Midjobs website was not hacked.

If it is closed permanently or hacked, then no one will know how to get refunds from Midjobs or how to withdraw money from the website.

Time will tell, but l had reservations on how a program that promises to pay you for watching videos makes a U-turn and wants you to pay to watch videos instead.  If you ‘upgrade’ your membership, the money is shared with the person who recruited you.

Any program whereby earnings are solely paid from new recruits is definitely a pyramid scheme.

Midjob scam closed

When l checked traffic to using Similarweb, l had a bad feeling in my gut.  The traffic started from 0 – 2million within 3 months. This is typical of ‘rank and burn scam websites’.

l am glad, l did not invest a single penny in the pyramid scheme. l however regret wasting my time watching outdated Youtube videos. Hopefully, affiliates will be able to find owners of and get their refunds.

It was too good to be true. When it quacks like a pyramid scheme, it is scam.

What is Midjobs – Review?

It is an advertising platform or website which pays its members to completed short tasks as required by the advertiser. This ranges from simple tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys and reviewing apps. However, at the moment earnings are mostly from watching videos from the onboard TV section.

The company is based in Slovenia. There are no father details about the owners of the company. Midjobs contact details are sketchy although there is a company address and email address.

Earning money should be a no-brainer BUT there is a catch. l will discus this in detail below.

How do you make money with Midjobs?

The process is very simple;

  1. Create your free account.
  2. Visit the ‘Available Jobs’ tab to start working.
  3. What videos for at least 20 seconds or complete any available task.
  4. The amount earned will be instantly added to your total earnings each time you complete the given task.
  5. Upgrade your membership within 10 days.
  6. Recruit new members and get paid.
  7. Get paid daily through Payeer or Bitcoins depending on your preference.

What l liked about Midjobs?

www Midjobs review

  • It is free to join – this is great because you have the chance to try learn how to navigate the platform. You actually get the opportunity to test how it works and earn money.
  • The dashboard is easy to use – after creating your account you need to visit the ”Available jobs” tab and start working.
  • Making money is stupidly simple – watch videos online and earn money…. that’s it. It can’t get any easier than that.
  • Midjobs affiliate program – we are always recommending others to join programs or buy various products. Why not earn money for doing so?
  • Make money while you enjoy – l watched lots of movie trailers including ”Shaun The Sheep”… one of my favorite cartoons… LOL.
  • You have to ”watch the videos” – if you open another tab and wander away, the video stops playing. This is fair to advertisers although no one knows if your eyeballs were really transfixed on the computer screen.
  • Quick payments – l did not manage to cash out any amount but payments are processed in less than 3 days. There is no better way to earn quick bucks online.
  • Freedom – You can work from anywhere as long as there is internet. This reduces the time and money wasted commuting to work.

What l did not like.

Make money watching videos

  • Midjobs’ free trial period is too short – you only have 10 days as a ”Trial Member” before you are booted out if you don’t upgrade your membership.
  • You loose all your earnings – if you don’t upgrade your membership within the 10-day trial period.
  • Repetition of videos – watching the same trailer twice is not funny.
  • No value addition – l really felt like a dumb ass after watching 6 videos of film trailers. Knowing that l had NO intention what so ever to purchase the films.
  • Traffic if from low Teir Countries – if the intention is to get many video view counts then it’s fine. Conversion rates and sales can be substantially low.
  • No Timer – a few websites that l joined before similar to Midjobs have on dashboard times to display amount of time watched. Time is money.
  • No source of income – from the look of things, there are no advertisers paying Midjobs for service. There are are no testimonials and the videos that l watched are very old.
  • No refund policy – once you click the ”Pay” button, that’s it. Your money is gone down the black hole.
  • Low earnings – of course, l didn’t expect to earn much from merely watching videos. BUT l expected my earnings as a trial member to be enough to upgrade my membership after 10 days.

Let’s work it out:

Amount required to upgrade to ”Basic Worker” – 836.20 Rands.

Earnings from watching 1 video = R 2.79.

Maximum number of videos per day = 6 (R16.72).

Potential earnings in 10 days = R 160.72.

That is R 836.20 less R 160.72 = Shortfall R675.49

In USD terms: l need almost $50 to upgrade my membership. The shortfall is almost $40.

If you ask me; A rabbit in hand is better than thousands in the bush (African proverb). l will rather keep my money!

At this rate, l require 51 days to earn enough money to upgrade my membership. So the only option is for me to PAY, to watch videos!

Midjobs Compensation Plan.

Trial – free for 10 days. The maximum number of videos – 6.

  1. Basic worker
  2. Pro worker
  3. VIP worker
  4. EliteWorker
  5. Black-card member

The number of videos to be watched ranges from 6 to 153 according to one’s level. You can earn a minimum of almost 1 USD per day depending on currency exchange rates. Earnings by a black card member are almost 4 times that of a member on Trial.

The number of referrals is also limited to 200 for members on trial and is unlimited limited for Black card members. There are also limits on how much you can withdraw and frequency depending on one’s membership level.

l could not find any information on how much one earns per referral. According to my calculations, it’s around 30% of the amount earned viewing videos by one’s referral. Whether the amount being paid for referrals comes from subscriptions paid for referrals when they upgrade their membership. It is not clear.

You can always click on the ‘UPGRADE’ membership button after joining to view the detailed payment plan.

Is Midjobs A Scam, Pyramid Scheme Or Legit?

This is a very difficult question to answer. l hope one-day l will be able to upgrade my membership after finding a good reason to do so. For now, l can’t pay to watch free and outdated YouTube videos.

There are better ways to make money online  if one searches diligently. My intention was to be paid by Midjobs’ advertisers for the service.

That leaves you with a feeling that you are about to be scammed.

l also didn’t like the fact that my earnings during the trial period will be forfeited if l do not upgrade my membership. Why pay to get paid?

If after upgrading membership, Midjobs pays you the amounts earned in full and on time. If amounts paid to affiliates for bringing in referrals is not solely from amounts paid from new members. Then the program has some legitimacy. Anything short of this will raise a red flag. It will mean that Midjobs is a pyramid scheme.

For now, l will stick with creating blogs or websites for affiliate marketing.

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