About Me

While some affiliate programs deserve to be bashed based on their bad reputation, calling every other business a scam only to promote your own opportunity is wrong. It gives a bad reputation to the whole industry.

Our goal as Clean Affiliates is to review as many ‘make money online opportunities’ as we can. Reviews will be based on our experience with some of the programs and others will be research-based.

No program is perfect, we will always highlight each program’s weaknesses and how it can be improved.

For instance, we have found out that Wealthy Affiliate is great for beginners and it teaches the basics of affiliate marketing. It is however, a sheer waste of time for anyone already making $1000/month and above. The training can be overwhelming, ignores the importance of link building and only scratches the surface when it comes to email marketing.

While on the other hand The Supper Affiliate Network, is great for someone with a bit of money to invest and the training is straight forward. It is one the fastest way to earn your first $. The commission rates are also relatively higher than most affiliate programs.

The downside is relying mainly on paid traffic (Solo Ads). Paid traffic can leave you out of pocket unless the traffic is of high quality and it converts very well into sales. How one must implement the strategies is a bit unsystematic and you end up relying on fellow members. If you join the wrong team and you are allocated a busy coach… you’re likely to fail.

We however recommend creating your own website which generates traffic like clockwork. All the other methods can be used to send traffic to that very same website. Traffic can then be converted to customers for any product of your choice.

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